Clinical Services

Our Clinical Services

  • Daily medical record review
  • Attachment of electronic record to patient chart using facility naming standards
  • Deletion of duplicate & unnecessary faxes
  • Archival of resident notes to facility standards
  • Escalation of actionable items to MRD
  • Ad-hoc Survey & Audit Support
  • Daily update of 802/672
  • Perform CQI & Event Audits
  • Daily Preparation of Event Summary Report
  • Daily update of Admission checklist and discharge summary


  • Maintain complete & accurate patient electronic medical record
  • Real-time coverage, 7-days per week
  • Reduce D.O.N. paperwork
  • Online access to reports & data
  • Increase of nursing hours to patients
  • Be survey ready everyday
  • Increase allowable time to educate and train staff
  • Increase facility star rating
  • Decrease length of IDT meetings
  • Reduction of overtime, sick days & PTO
  • Reduction of AR due to technical denials
  • Increase facility profitability and efficiency