Clinical Auditing

US Healthmark has a proprietary process which allows us to conduct clinical auditing on your behalf. We utilize a detailed Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI) methodology which allows us to quickly identify deficiencies in your progress notes and follow-up actions. We monitor the most common CQI indicators or can build a specific CQI program with you. We also build a parallel 802/672 roster which creates a double check for quality. Admission audits, readmission monitoring, event/incident monitoring are some of the activities we do for you or with your staff. We can work directly with your MDS team and completely outsource your roster and ensure you are survey ready every day! As a third party, we have the ability to focus on Quality Assurance and Process Improvement every day, giving you a comprehensive QAPI program. Contact us to find out more about how we can save your nursing staff hundreds of hours each month so they can focus on providing quality care and improving patient outcomes.